Make the Move to Mexico

 “THANK YOU Ashley for creating Your Perfect Recon Trip!

We just got back from our first Recon Trip and we met so many new friends by following your system! We can’t wait for our move!”

- Jo & Sarah

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What Your Perfect Recon Trip is NOT:

Another travel blogger’s tips on how to travel on a dime or hostels to use in Mexico.

What Your Perfect Recon Trip is:

A systematic approach with everything you need to have a successful Recon Trip so that you can make the right decision for you about where to move in Mexico!

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You are in the right place!


Got a question about…

✅ Why a Recon Trip is so important?

✅ When you should take a Recon Trip?

✅ How to plan your Recon Trip to make it super effective?

✅ What do do and NOT do during your Recon Trip?

✅ Processing everything you learn during your Recon Trips to make sure you’re making the right decision and choosing the right place in Mexico for YOU!

We’ve got your back.


 What Makes The Perfect Recon Trip Online Course So Special

You’ll learn what makes a truly effective Recon Trip and sets it apart from just another vacation so that you can literally “try a place on for size” and experience somewhere as though you are already living there!

Everything comes back to the three key objectives of a Recon Trip:

1️⃣ To get a feel for real life in your future home town.

2️⃣ To gauge your future cost of living.

3️⃣ To begin to make friends and build community before you even make the move!


A quality Recon Trip will take you from nervous and unsure about if you’re making the right decision to excited, prepared and ready for this next adventure!


Don’t just take our word for it…

“I had visited Mexico many times but I hadn’t ever been organized about collecting recon information in a productive way. Working through the spreadsheets in Your Perfect Recon Trip helped me realize I knew exactly where I wanted to live! It didn’t take long to get the info I was missing and run all the numbers. Once I was able to see it all laid out clearly, making the decision to move was easy. Just 3 months later, I’m on my way to my new home! This course helped me turn “someday” into TODAY!”

- Abby, Moving To Playa Del Carmen next week!



“We just got back from our first recon trip and WOW - THANK YOU! Your advice and all of your tips in the course made a huge difference as we planned our trip. But the part that really surprised me was how much it helped during the trip when things started to get stressful! Having your voice in our ear telling us how to cope with the stressful moments literally saved our trip. You really know your stuff girl - thank you for helping us have a successful Recon Trip!

To anyone thinking about joining the program - DO IT! You will not regret it.

- Joann & Sam, planning the move to Puerta Vallarta after 2 successful recon trips!

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 Here’s what’s waiting for you inside Your Perfect Recon Trip Online Course:

🎥 4 video modules

Packed with everything you need to take the perfect recon trip (whether you’re moving full time or part time, buying your dream home or purchasing an investment property) so you can have a great time and come home with what you need to make the right decisions.

📖 The Perfect Recon Trip Workbook

To help you each step of the way, includes:

  • The Recon Trip Checklist

  • The Relocation Budgeting Spreadsheet with BONUS line items for investment property buyers

  • The Recon Trip Processing Workbook

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 All you need to take that perfect recon trip and start planning your big move to Mexico now!

See you on the inside!