Making Friends In Mexico

Virtual Happy Hour! 🍹🍹

This week we're joined by some very special guests, our dear friends, neighbors (and clients) Joann & Mary Jo! These gals are doing retirement right and this week we're going to hear from them all about:

🌴 How they adjusted to life in Mexico from big city livin' in New York!

🌴 How they stay so busy! (Their social calendar is packed - these gals are always on the go!)

🌴 How they split their time between Tulum & Brooklyn and why that works out so well for them.

🌴 Their top recommendation for anyone considering a move to Mexico.

🌴 The biggest surprise they had when making the move.

And, if you've got Tulum on your radar - check out our Tulum Cost of Living Guide (it's totally free!)👇

Ashley Campo