I want to move to Mexico but how do I decide WHERE!?!

Finding the perfect spot in Mexico for YOU!

How to decide WHERE in Mexico is right for you.

Deciding you want to move to or invest in Mexico is one thing but it’s a whole other thing deciding exactly where! And, deciding on the perfect spot for you can make all the difference between loving this new expat life and well… not loving this new expat life. 😞 (and we definitely don’t want that to happen!!!) 🇲🇽

In this week’s video we walk you through the 3 step process to be sure you find the perfect spot for you and live happily ever after here in Mexico!

  1. We talk about what I lovingly refer to as "Mexi-Stalking” aka doing your research ahead of time and coming up with 3-4 preliminary options.

  2. Recon Trips! Recon Trips! Recon Trips!

  3. Processing what comes up as you’re making your decision.

So.... step #1 is to go check out the quiz right now! Then you’ll see where WE think you should go and we’ll help you start to analyze what is really most important to you so you can make the right decision and live happily ever after here in beautiful MX!

How to decide WHERE to move in Mexico! (1).png
Ashley Campo