Make the Move to Mexico

Hey Future Neighbor - Welcome to Mexico!

You’re going to love it here!



While life in Mexico is pretty damn fabulous, the process of getting here can be, well… exhausting.


Getting all your “ducks in a row” before packing up and moving to Mexico is the toughest part of making the move. 

It leaves you feeling: 

  • Scared that you’re going to get ripped off somewhere along the way

  • Nervous to be diving into the unknown

  • Unsure of yourself and questioning each and every decision! 

And all those yucky feelings come up right as you’re making a life-changing decision! Talk about stressful! 

We see it all the time, way too many people get stuck “thinking about” moving or investing in Mexico and they never end up doing anything to actually make it happen.


We know how damn scary it is to decide to make that leap and move to Mexico!

We were once exactly where you are - trying to piece together every little bit of information I could find online.  Trying to connect with people that had already made the move but skeptical of everyone out of worry they had ulterior motives. It had us (especially Ashley) spending hours and hours just spinning our wheels! 

Then we finally decided to do what we do best - get super organized and figure it out for ourselves. (We even went to real estate school here in Mexico so we could really understand what the heck was going on.)

We documented everything, step by step so that we could create a replicable program for others getting ready to make the move or invest in Mexico!


Nowadays, we help folks like you who are moving to Mexico (full or part time) or simply investing in Real Estate here navigate the process and save lots of pesos along the way to put toward your margarita fund!


But we almost didn’t make it to Mexico at all. 

We almost gave up on our dream in the middle of a recon trip to scope out real estate here in Tulum. 

We’d done all of our research leading up to the trip, we’d scheduled appointments with realtors and were so excited to go find our dream home! We were really counting on this trip for everything to come together and magically work out for us. 

The reality was, let’s just say… less than magical. 

Instead we were met with frustrating experiences with bad realtors that had clearly never owned property themselves and continually disregarded what we would tell them was important to us. It had us frustrated and freaked out to think that we were going to be investing this kind of money with the help of these morons. (I wish I didn’t have to say it… but it was true.) 

We were so frustrated we decided to take a vacation from our recon trip! (something I now highly recommend everyone do!) On that little getaway we decided to regain control of the matter and start pursuing the condo we were really interested in on our own since it seemed none of the so-called professionals would help us. 

It took more work on our part, but we ultimately went directly to the developer and began negotiating for exactly what we wanted and what we were comfortable with. 

And, thank heavens we did because that condo is now our wonderful home that we love.




Once we made it to Tulum - right away people saw how we were getting shit done and doing things the right way and they started asking for our help - from move logistics to real estate to residency questions and property management. 

While ultimately we ended up acting as our own realtors to buy our place - we still knew there was lots to learn! 

So, in true Frank & Ash fashion (the overly cautious, overly prepared one) - we took the classes to get our real estate license here in Mexico even though we don’t sell real estate.


So… what’s the deal? Who are these OCD, everything-by-the-books, “A-type” expats? 


Well, we’re Frank & Ash. Ashley is the one running the show here at Make The Move To Mexico but Frank is definitely always nearby to help. 

We are also joined by our 14 year old shih-tzu Miko, who is LOVING life since his parents moved him to Mexico! (We used to live the 9-5 life so having us around all the time has been a big bonus for him!) 

Before we made the move to Mexico, we were living in San Francisco, climbing the corporate ladder.  But, it just left us feeling empty and wondering if that was really “it”. 

Even though San Francisco was amazing, we wanted much more out of our lives than we were getting trapped in the rat race.

Frank LOVES to run and now coaches runners and triathletes all over the world through his company, Prana Endurance Training.

Ashley LOVES to bake and spending an entire weekend for a dozen freshly baked croissants is her happy place. 

Ashley is a TOTAL parrot head and has been jammin’ out to Jimmy Buffett literally her entire life! (Perhaps a sign that she would be destined for beach life in Mexico!)

Frank & Ash Collage.png

You are in the right place!

Look, whether you:

  • Are just starting to consider if Mexico is right for you

  • Know you are for sure moving to Mexico but can’t figure out where or how

  • Don’t actually want to move but are interested in investing in Mexico and want to be sure you’re doing that right.

Then you are in the right place!

Let’s work together to make it all happen!

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